The Strokes Interview – A Luck back at 2001

Fed up with the hype? You and The Strokes both. Stroke’s guitarist Nick tells Crud there’s more to The Strokes than seventies reference points and Lou Reed. Crud offers a look back at the highs and lows of 2001 beginning with an interview with Stroke fret-man, Nick Valensi. Strokes guitarist, Nick Valensi seems a bit fed up describing his music and explaining the concepts and reasoning behind the sound of The Strokes. “What bothers me is when people stick to Continue Reading


Interview with Jean-Luc Ponty by Gary Hill

An artist from the legendary Jazz, Blue Note label, Jean-Luc Ponty is something of a revelation. Crud introduces Jean-Luc and the Mothers of Invention.03/12/01 Ponty was born in a family of classical musicians on September 29, 1942 in Avranches, France. His father taught violin, his mother taught piano. At sixteen, he was admitted to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, graduating two years later with the institution’s highest award, ‘Premier Prix’. In turn, he was immediately hired by Continue Reading


Richard Hawley Night Ride on Route 66 Interview

Pulp, the Longpigs, Crud Music Magazine, the Human League- all Sheffield through and through. None more so, though, than Richard Hawley. Richard and Buddy Holly hitch a ride up North and hang out with cheery old Scott at the Washington. What could be better? Interviewed by Allan Martin Kemler. Back in the fabled days of yore, when rockers wore Brill cream in their hair and two-tone wingtips on their feet. Back when it was still acceptable, if not positively de Continue Reading


Coordinates — Stephen Malkmus Interview

Crud ask ex-Pavement frontman, Stephen Malkmus “Where’s Your Head At?” New single Jo Jo’s Jacket out now.07/12/01 Stephen Malkmus, ex-Pavement member is set to release his debut solo record entitled ‘Stephen Malkmus’ and will soon be in stores on the Matador label (OLE-444-1,2) on Feb 13, 2001. Lets get the conception details covered: A couple of songs date back from the days of Pavement:“Church On White” and “Trojan Curfew.”, “Jenny And The Ess-Dog” Stephen says the the chords at least Continue Reading


It may just break your sulky little alternative heart to know, but Sum41, like Blink 182 are somehow making it very very big indeed. Don’t like that thought? Well perhaps your just taking all this a little too seriously.07/12/01 Mercury Records are set to release a second single by Platinum selling Canadian pop punksters SUM 41. There’s simply no doubting the popularity of the band since releasing their first full-length album on Mercury Records earlier this year. It might not Continue Reading


Back in June of this year Nitin Sawhney released the album ‘Prophecy’ on V2 records. It was his fifth release of eclectic, Asian based but widely sourced, atmospheric electronic dance since 1993, but chances are you’re still wondering why you opened this article. Well let’s see if this can whet your appetite or jog a few memories: Nominated for 2000’s Mercury Music Prize for his previous album, ‘Beyond Skin’, played in James Taylor Quartet’s touring band, collaborated with fellow Asian-underground Continue Reading


Gary Numan Interview

‘Pure’ hit the stores at the end of last year — a triumphant return to form for the grandfather of UK techno – or so it’s alleged. Both Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson think so anyway. Crud talks to Gary all about it. Born Gary Anthony James Webb, lieutenant and wing commander of the eighties techno service drill, the Tubeway Army, Gary Numan enjoyed brief but enormous success in the UK at the close of the 1970s with singles like Continue Reading