The National / Annuals @ Astoria, London, 22.05.2007

Manfully bridging the divide between the uncomfortably withdrawn and absorbingly eccentric, James Berry recoils at the loaded springs of Annuals frontman Adam Baker and the momentous slow-burn of Arcade frontman, Mat Beringer Love Broken Social Scene but haven’t got the concentration to keep up with the every movement of such a twitchy many-limbed creature? Perhaps we could interest sir in a more manageable animal? Annuals, numbering six, are certainly a more tax-return-friendly size, but their productivity trails sparks and they Continue Reading


It’s not as if they’ve got magician’s fingers, the five members of pathos weavers The National, they just tend to work in your blind-spot. It’s kind of like they’ve been round to your house daily, sneaking a shiny pound coin from your wallet while you weren’t looking, until one day they arrive on your doorstep with a high yield savings account you never knew you had, a return on the half-inched deposits and the monetary means to fulfil your life’s Continue Reading