Tweaker – The Attraction to All Things Uncertain

The new album by Tweaker aka. Chris Vrenna, The Attraction to All Things Uncertain (Six Degrees Records) from Tune Raider, is released September 18th. Meet Elliot featuring the elusive David Sylvian. Not content with providing a special remix of U2’s “Elevation”, for the Tomb Raider soundtrack, Chris Vrenna, the former drummer and programmer for Nine Inch Nails has written and produced the Tweaker album, The Attraction to All Things Uncertain, an account of virtual everyman, Elliot and his own anxious Continue Reading


Staind @ The Astoria, London 28.08.01

New album doing currently well in the charts, what could these pimply nu-metalers offer a positively heaving audience of little upright pinkees in London? Priya Elangasinghe has some answers … and then some … Something wasn’t right. In a sea of pinkies and index fingers giving the of sign of the beast, lighters were aloft and there was clapping. Fair enough, you might think. However, clapping in anticipation of the upcoming chorus? Surely not, this wasn’t a Bon Jovi concert Continue Reading


Nick Laird-Clowes Interview

Trashmonk — Alan McGee’s new cult indie label, Poptones released the excellent “Mona Lisa Overdrive” on September 10th 2001. Trashmonk aka Nick laird Clowes of the Dream Academy talks to James Berry.12/08/01 October 2001 – You probably think you’ve lived. Done this and that, met a few people, travelled, worked here and there, been around, seen some things. But you haven’t. Trashmonk, a.k.a. Nick Laird-Clowes has. That’s your benchmark. You might not think you know him, you probably don’t, but Continue Reading