O ~ Damien Rice

It’s hard to expect all that much from a genre steeped so richly in tradition and built firmly on the foundations of convention and institution. Yeah, it can cast its shards of influence far and wide, but when stripped back to its bare bones Irish folk music seems convinced that it’ll have to apply a sticky plaster if lead too far off course. Now it’s not that Damien Rice has snapped his wooden stool over his knee or anything, it’s Continue Reading


Mull Historical Society Interview – Colin talks about Loss

With the Mull Historical Society’s new single ‘Watching Xanadu’ out in January, James Berry unravels the mystery of another minor pop classic by going straight to the source itself. Colin McIntyre of talks to Crud about his album ‘Loss’. To follow on from their debut album ‘Loss’ released in October last year, the Mull Historical Society (well Colin, to all intents and purposes) release their new single ‘Watching Xanadu’ on 28 January. This is the fourth single off the album, Continue Reading