Spirits in the Sky – Elf Power

Elf Power’s lyrics paint vivid mental pictures through oblique references to made-up mythological creatures, magic powers and the visions of seers. So no drugs here then. Andrew Rieger talks about psychedelia, spirituality and the new album ‘Creatures’29/04/2002 ATHENS, GEORGIA—land of pecans and blooming dogwoods. A land the local chamber of commerce calls the “closest place to Heaven on Earth.” Fifty miles northeast of Atlanta and 600 feet above sea level, the little college town that spawned such legendary acts as Continue Reading


Synth-core, electro tech movement, futurism – call it what you will, the near-do-well acid brothers, Dan and Jon Kahuna’s debut album, ‘Machine Says Yes’ provides a stirring, startling likeness for magazines like The Face and Sleazenation. Imagine such things as a stomping, organic presence with real-time attitude and outrageous volume – and you pretty much have some kind of vision you can call Kahuna. With vocal contributions from the likes of alt-country singer Eileen Rose and Gus Gus member Hafdis Continue Reading