With Lasers – Bonde Do Role

Label: Domino Records

In my day ‘party music’ could only mean one of two things: Russ Abbott or Black Lace. ‘Course there was always The Nolans and a dash of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ by way of relief but nothing too noisy for the kiddies and for grandma. As sure as sausages were on sticks out came ‘Agadoo’ and ‘Atmosphere’ and everyone would be three sheets to the wind and happy as sandboys. But times have changed and the point that aims at party’s true north could come from any number of directions. This time, however, it comes directly from the south; Brazil, in fact, and it’s not some chirpy, satirical novelty tune they’re trading, it’s a noisy and filthy mash-up of baile-funk rhythms, chugging basslines, heavy metal guitars, and hilarious lyrics about partying, fucking, going to the beach, and long lines at the post office. And for the most part it’s rather good – although working with a surfeit of guest producers that include Diplo, Egg Foo Young and  DJ Chernobyl kind of helps.

Introducing the Role Crew – Pedro, Marina, and Gorky – two girls and a lass that shrieks and pants like a banshee in a brothel. Imagine the Beastie Boys with the favela. And with lasers.

Release: Bonde Do Role - With Lasers
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Released: 21 May 2007