Prophecy – Nitin Sawhney

Label: V2

Back in June of this year Nitin Sawhney released the album ‘Prophecy’ on V2 records. It was his fifth release of eclectic, Asian based but widely sourced, atmospheric electronic dance since 1993, but chances are you’re still wondering why you opened this article. Well let’s see if this can whet your appetite or jog a few memories:

Nominated for 2000’s Mercury Music Prize for his previous album, ‘Beyond Skin’, played in James Taylor Quartet’s touring band, collaborated with fellow Asian-underground Mercury nominee Talvin Singh, worked with and written for the likes of Sinead O Connor, Paul McCartney and Jeff Beck, soundtracked numerous TV ads and co-founded, acted in and soundtracked the frequently outstanding and award winning racial barrier busting comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me. Should we go on?

Doesn’t take much convincing to open your eyes and ears to him now does it. His latest release, out this week, is the shadowy, driving trip-hop breeze ‘Cold & Intimate’, given real height with Tina Grace’s divine soulful purr skimming its cold peaks. High on the Massive Attack ‘Teardrop’ vibe, but with a direct tap into a wide open spiritual vein, his contemporary bond with Talvin Singh, and also current chill-out titans 4-Hero, is made very clear.

It’s a mammoth record which if not designed to provide a frosty, barren, uplifting soundtrack to the winter has certainly achieved just that.

New album ‘Prophecy’ released on V2 Records. James Berry casts a critical eye over the release.

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Released: December 2 2001