Sum 41/New Single ‘In Too Deep’ On December 3rd 2001

It may just break your sulky little alternative heart to know, but Sum41, like Blink 182 are somehow making it very very big indeed. Don’t like that thought? Well perhaps your just taking all this a little too seriously.

Mercury Records are set to release a second single by Platinum selling Canadian pop punksters SUM 41. There’s simply no doubting the popularity of the band since releasing their first full-length album on Mercury Records earlier this year. It might not be to everyone’s taste around here -and they may not be nice to their elders – but as sure as eggs is eggs, they’re getting popular. The album in question, ‘All Killer No Filler’ is even said to haveshipped Gold and climbed the albums chart before they even released their first single. SUM 41 played a sell out London show at the Astoria on September 28th and released their debut single ‘Fat Lip’ the following week. And whether you like it or not, the single reached Number 8 in the UK singles chart.

Comprised of four cheeky upstarts from Toronto, Canada the band formed when they were all still in high school. They landed their deal with Island/Def Jam in the US in 1999 and have been touring their little butts of ever since. They have played with everyone from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Offspring, Blink 182 to Social Distortion and a stint on the Warped Tour. Doesn’t it just break your sultry little alternative heart?

The latest single, ‘In Too Deep’ is catchy slice of pop punk pie which is sure to propel them into the charts once again. The band has recently been in the UK promoting their new single, which included pre records for the charming Ant and Dec’s CDUK and Top Of The Pops (their second appearance on the show).

You had a BMX and a skateboard once, pal. Why not try dusting them down?

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