69 Love Songs: LD Beghtol talks Magnetic Fields & Three Terrors

What do Abba, Serge Gainsborough and disastrous French pop shows have in common? Absolutely nothing, as that would be absurd. But then, perhaps, The Three Terrors are absurd.10/07/01 A performance only project, occurring at sporadic intervals throughout the year, and with little or no signs of official release, The Three Terrors is the 1930s film-loving Hollywood love child of LD Beghtol, Stephin Merritt and Dudley Klute. A child born out of the soirèes and downtown celebrations of dead-celebrity anniversaries and Continue Reading

Radiohead @ South Park, Oxford July 2001

After experiencing Homelands this year, it became apparent that the number of dance bands that did not wither under the challenge of performing in front of thousands of revellers could be counted on one hand. Adding unfortunate credence to the rock clichés about live dance music there was something very wrong with the limp live performances on display at the festival. It was hard to pinpoint exactly why, but there was never a bigger gap between the emotional catharsis bought Continue Reading

Is This It? ~ The Strokes

There was always going to be a desire to dislike this album and verbalises it by way of a glib pun using its goading title Is This It? Luckily for anyone with a sense of humour, that did not happen.The truth is, nothing could possibly live up to the expectations this debut had got going for it. The only debut album in recent memory that has had the music press likewise slavering all over themselves in anticipation, was the ELASTICA Continue Reading

Magnetic Fields — 69 Love Songs

STEPHIN MERRITT – The often singular creative force behind the sometimes band, THE MAGNETIC FIELDS have gone and released an album described by some as nothing less than a ‘21st century songbook’ and by others as an ‘antidote’ to the mindless conventions of rockisms. Some have even described it as a humble masterpiece. And yes, it really does have 69 tracks. This time, however Merrit has been more than ably abetted by the likes of LD BEGHTOL, DUDLEY KLUTE and Continue Reading