Snake Magnet – Kong

Label: Brew Records

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The shorter the song, the more rhapsodic the review; the grittier the band, the more the write up becomes the literary equivalent of a Yes triple album.

Well, Kong, are pretty punky so I don’t propose to bore you unduly with anything more than a few choice, spittle-flecked words…

Music ->  more thrash than punk – loud and nasty but still (somehow) technically able.  Tight almost. Something like Fugazi.

Vocals -> Yep, Johnny Rotten-esque. Everything from the bored sneering to the pantomime screaming. Words harder to make out though.
Some Highlights…

‘Wet Your Knives’ – The musical equivalent of Drunken Monkey kung-fu, lurching  all over the place –time-wise, note-wise – but all the while under control.

‘Gwant’ – The intro is a flurry of snare and tom, the sound of a drummer being pushed down a hill and managing to keep perfect time – the track launches into US punk-grunge orgasm.

‘Good Graphics’ – Punk stylophone played over violently malfunctioning computers. The Clangers on acid. R2D2 singing scat jazz.

‘Count to Nine’ – Rage against the Machine. Any machine.

Okay, that’s it, Punk-reviewing:  four gobs of spit out of five. Thank you and God Save the Queen.

Release: Kong - Snake Magnet
Review by:
Released: 25 June 2009