Begone Dull Care – Junior Boys

Label: Domino

The Junior Boy’s previous efforts, ‘Last Exit’ (2004) and ‘So This Is Goodbye’ (2006) tore up the rulebook (albeit in a gentle and evironmentally friendly fashion). On the one hand you had the crazy stuttering influence of Timbaland and UK garage and on the other you had a super-soft, 2-ply layer of nerdy eighties synth-music. It was dreamy hypnotic vapour pop for a generation comfortable with its feminine-side and equally as comfortable in its pair of lounge-room slippers. It was Hot Chip without all the faff, the daft glasses and the nerd chic. Nice boys, doing nice things in a nice n’easy kinda way. And the good news is they’re still doing it.

After a well-earned break the Canadian duo return with ‘Begone Dull Care’, produced  (or ‘telecommunicated’) between the band’s studio in Ontario and Didemus’s new home in Berlin, Germany – which may account for the record’s fizzy combination of ice-cool electro and a warm, romantic pop. It’s an album of whispers, mumbled punctuation, empty metaphors and more computer generated graphics and beats than you could programme into a Boss DR-55.  And what’s more: there’s no filler.

’Bits and Pieces’ – Rubbery, funky and swivelling its disco-hips like a luvved-up robot. Remember the lighting cues: it’s all up to you.

‘Dull To Pause’ – Chimes and hums like a children’s musical box. Beautiful. What better way for the ears to adjust to heaven.

‘Hazel’ – First single to be taken from the album. Part Prince, part John “Jellybean“ Benitez, part cuddly toy. A cute, cooing joy from start to finish.

Junior Boys – ‘Begone Dull Care’ review by Crud Magazine – release date 11.05.09

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Released: 02 June 2009