The Mengi Bus Mixtape – Jehst

Label: Ynr

Graduated in Illustration and English Literature at the University of Westminster, Crowborough, Sussex rapper, Jehst was a member of short-lived UK hip-hop supergroup Champions of Nature, along with the likes of Lewis Parker, Supa T, Profound and Apollo prior to founding YNR Records. It’s said that after moving to Huddersfield Jehst experienced the bleak realities of the post-industrial north, which was to influence his incisive lyrical style and put him alongside UK rappers like Klashnekoff, Yungun and Braintax, as well as UK rap groups such as Taskforce and Terra Firma.

And here he is back with ‘The Mengi Bus Mixtape’ mixed by DJ IQ and hosted by Sir Smurf Lil, taking us on a journey along the dark, shady lunar environs of UK Hip Hop and boasting a tasty cargo of exclusives, rarities and remixes cut n pasted from the likes of Foreign Beggars, Stig of the Dump, Jack Flash, Micall Parknsunn and Jyager.


Release: Jehst - The Mengi Bus Mixtape
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Released: 21 September 2007