Look A Little Further – Domu Presents Pete Simpson

Label: Papa Records

What other kinds of things are smooth, eh? Well there’s peanut butter for one, then there’s the frothy, foaming head of a pint of Irish Stout, no end of girly moisturizers, porcelain plates, sweet, blended fresh fruit beverages and, of course, babies bottoms. And then this, a moist, non-stick and occasionally uplifting blend of savvy Latin beats, slithery time-signatures and wibbly, wobbly jazz noodles.

On the one hand there’s Domu (Dominic Stanton) scratching a living on tight production skills and all manner of synthy, good time soul credits reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye and on the other is Pete Simpson, elastic of voice and crooner of excellence.

Although clearly lacking focus, it is nevertheless immaculately turned out and tracks like ‘Coming Back Round’ and ‘Won’t Give Up’ do at least fill the gap in the Babel Gilberto-Santana-Jamiroquai market with no shortage of aplomb.

Release: Domu Presents Pete Simpson - Look A Little Further
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Released: 21 September 2007