Come With Me – Sanchez, Roger

Label: Ultra Records

One of NYC’s most legendary house DJs, producers, and innovators of the
house sound brings us what is likely to be one of the most dreamiest, trippiest and salsa-slapping records of Summer 2006. He’s certainly come a long way from selling mix tapes in Queens. Recognised internationally and a Grammy winner, responsible for the ‘Release Yourself brand and radio show reaching 1.5 million people globally, his no nonsense approach coming into its own when he plays his 12 hour marathon sets.

Of Dominican descent has been wowing the world-class clubs of Ibiza and the UK, for years, having refined his mojo as an influential as part of the legendary Strictly Rhythm record label of the early-1990’s.

Written over a two year period and whittled down from 30 or so possible tracks, ‘Come With Me’ has a more organic identity than the average dance album, coming to the boil gradually over a dozen or so tracks of sizzling smooth beats, sultry latin rhythms, and raw, excited vocals. ‘Lost’ even boasts piano and guitar by way of organic matter.

Soft, fluid, joyous and as touchy-feely as an evening in with a double chocolate muffin, the record has a few surprises; the quirky, ticklish narrative of ‘Again’, the steaming, techno dazzle of ‘Hot 4 U’ with its crunchy vocal sample, and the solid soul groove of  ‘Reason’ feat. Omar.

A personal fave has to be the gradual loss of sanity as experienced by the tender, dissolving ‘I’m Yours’ featuring Spain’s 13 Grammy carrying, all time record breaker Alejandro Sanz. Terrific and soporific both.

Release: Sanchez, Roger - Come With Me
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Released: 30 May 2006