Logic Will Break Your Heart – The Stills

Label: 679 Recordings

In 2003 the NME proposed The Stills’ ‘Still In Love Song’ a serious contender for single of the year, and Carlos from Interpol thought the album ‘Beautiful, Classic and Honest’. Strong words, eh? So what do we think? Well far be it from Crud to miss any bandwagon opportunity, this fella’s gonna jump on it too.

Whilst not as cranky or as bleak as Interpol, nor as quirky, wriggling and glamorous as Stellastarr*, Montreal’s The Stills do furrow that same popular mile: heavenly Pixies riffs, Joy Division rhythm section and ultra new-wave silliness. This time though there are equal doses of Ash, Nada Surf and U2 (bizarrely enough). With its trash can kick drum intro and lolloping cymbal crashes, popsy and tricksy opener, ‘Lola Stars and Stripes’ has the grace and naivety of Tim Wheeler meted out with some big fat lightning arpeggio strikes courtesy of Greg Paquet on guitar.

Ethereal, sweet yet delicately charged and electric, ‘Changes Are No Good’ and ‘Alison Krausse’ push the chilling Blue Oyster Cult pulse running through this album to breaking point. Huge, fat churning riffs and vocals that simply swoop and glide from the mix. Marvellous songs and more than ably supported by the simmering beauty of ‘Animals and Insects’ and the chiming gaiety and simplicity of standout track and closer, ‘Yesterday Never Tomorrows’. Chilling, gothic and innocent. A bit like your average Halliwell sisters’ bedroom.

Brave for being so simple, bold for being so tender, and with songs so preposterously sticky you’ll simply not be able to put it down.

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Release: The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart
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Released: 10 March 2004