I Beieve In You (Single) – Amp Fiddler

Label: Genuine Article

Few are the occasions that I actually want to look like Lenny Kravitz, strap on some Ray-Bands and start jive-talking. Why? I’m a family man and a settled member of the parent-teacher community in a tiny village in Yorkshire. And this wouldn’t sit too well in the minutes of the next meeting, I can assure you. Hand on heart though, at the first squelchy bass strains of Amp Fiddler’s new single ‘I Believe In You’ I want to do just this. Salubrious, fat, funky and well lubricated, ‘I Believe In You’ should come with a health-warning: ‘This track can seriously damage your respect in the local community’. Boogie on down mother, don’t give a damn.

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Release: Amp Fiddler - I Beieve In You (Single)
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Released: 10 March 2004