Blur | Is this the end for Blur? News leaks of Graham Coxon's departure. True or false?

They’ve been together now for 50 years, but it finally looks like it could all well and truly be over for those Blur boys, if Graham Coxon’s rumoured departure is anything to go by.
According to the UK’s Daily Mirror story, the split was the result of recent tensions between the guitarist himself and Damon Albarn. Whether or not it’s true that Coxon ever referred to Albarn as a ‘loquacious genre-hopping, market-oriented crowd-pleaser’ has yet to be confirmed by any of the band themselves, although sources close to the band say it’s ‘entirely possible’.
However, the label’s damage limitation experts are stressing that Coxon is concentrating at the moment on work on his own solo album – and not as the report suggests, disembarking a less than buoyant ship.
Tentatively titled, Like A Rat Off A…, Coxon’s solo album is scheduled for release in October.
Blur have recently returned to London, and are working on the songs. Norman Cook is in the studio with them and now looks set to plug the gaping holes within the subtle guitar mix with a few big beat bangs and crashes.
According to British teen magazine, the NME, Coxon has denied all rumours of his departure.
Still, the stories will stoke up our old interest in the band won’t they?
‘Gorillaz’ marketing anyone?

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