Tropical Storm forecast from Beenie Man

Los Angeles – July 8, 2002 – A sun-drenched tropical beach. Beautiful people sipping cold drinks and bronzing themselves everywhere as the sound of a hot, new Neptunes track wafts through the summer air. What could be better? How about a bikini-clad Janet Jackson stretched out on a beach-towel, singing the hook to your latest hit single. No, reggae don Beenie Man isn’t dreaming. He’s on the set of his new video for “Feel It Boy,” the highly-anticipated first single from his forthcoming Virgin Records release, Tropical Storm.

The Grammy-winning team of Beenie Man and Janet Jackson recently finished filming the video for “Feel It Boy” with visionary director Dave Meyers (Britney Spears, Ja Rule, etc.) behind the lens. Shot on-location in Malibu, the video’s beach setting and party vibe are the perfect compliment to the sunny, upbeat track from the hitmaking duo The Neptunes and an airy, irresistible hook from Janet.

Amidst a sea of sunbathers gathered on an impossibly beautiful beach, Beenie and Janet turn up the temperature, their sparkling performances matching
Meyers’ colorful, visually stunning images. With the “Feel It Boy” video set
to premier at the end of July, the single already blazing the airwaves >nationwide, and Tropical Storm dropping on August 20th, the king of dancehall is bringing the heat this summer.

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