Blowfelt whit label curio Back-Up Back-Up

Having cut their teeth as a regular attendant at seminal early ’90s breakbeat raves such as “Desert Storm” and “Voodoo Majic”, with notoriously heavy sound rigs and narcotic riddled faithful, Blowfelt learned some serious low end theory from a disturbingly early age.

Whilst on the road with Deekline (“Don’t Smoke”), he heard the groundbreaking “138 Trek” by DJ Zinc, a track which took the theory of UK Garage and wrapped it with a new, more filthy abstract logic. Blowfelt immediately made a b-line for the studio to create their own bass ‘n beats sound. From this came the massive “Lickle Rolla”, selling thousands of whites after EZ, championed the tune on his Kiss FM show.

Soon after, a mutual friend introduced Blowfelt to Slarta Jon, the Birmingham-based toaster MC last heard on Basement Jaxx’s “Jump n Shout”, who had heard Lickle Rolla in the Midlands raves. The result is the 134bpm garage/ breakbeat hybrid monster “Back Up, Back Up”. Killer beats and a signature sick b-line designed to shift your batty are charged with original soundclash lyrics from Slarta, King of the Brummy Dancehall. “Back Up, Back Up” has familiar elements, but, in the MC’s own words, “…what a combination!”..

Check for the drum ‘n bass mix on the flip of this 12 – a monster remix by Origin Unknown (Andy C) courtesy of the Ram Records clique … guaranteed to rip the heart out of any dancefloor!